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2018-2019 Lifelong Learning Preschool Calendar

  • Tuesday Sept. 4 & Wednesday Sept. 5 - First Day of School
  • September 3 - Labor Day
  • Thursday Sept. 6 - OPEN HOUSE (6:30 pm - 8:00 pm)
  • September - All-Family Weiner Roast at MacGregor Ranch
  • Fri. Oct. 5 thru Monday Oct. 8 - Fall Break - No School
  • Monday Nov. 19 thru Friday Nov. 23 - Thanksgiving Break - No School
  • Monday Nov. 26 - Students Return to School
  • December - Christmas Program at Community Church
  • Friday  Dec. 21 to Monday Jan. 7- Christmas Break - No School
  • Tuesday Jan. 8- Students Return to School
  • Monday Jan. 21 - Martin Luther King Jr. Day - No School
  • Monday Feb. 18 - President's Day - No School
  • Monday Mar. 25 - Monday Apr. 1 - Spring Break - No School
  • Thursday May 23 - Last Day of School

March 2019 Newsletter

Feb. 28, 2019

Dear Parents,

Thank you for all the support for our Souper-Bowl Cook-Off!  Thank you for baking for the bake sale. Thank you for coming and eating soup!! Thank you board members who set up, cleaned up and cooked soup! Thank you also Gloria Utz for cooking a wonderful soup. We made $1485 for our tuition assistance program. The preschool soup won for the celebrity side and Dunraven Inn won for the restaurant side with their Loaded Potato Cheddar soup. The other restaurants who participated were El-Mex-Kal, Bird and Jim, Latitude 105, Twin Owls, and Justin Goerich, chef at John Elway’s. If you eat at any of these please give them a thank you for helping our school!

March has one more special birthday we have to celebrate!! Dr. Seuss! We will celebrate by having all classes read Dr. Seuss books. The MWF Morning and afternoon class will have green eggs and ham at the Egg and I. The following is the schedule for those two classes.

Wednesday Morning class will meet at the library at 9:00. Do not go to school. The library will have a special story time for us about Dr. Seuss books. Then we will walk to the Egg and I and eat breakfast. We will return to the library and parents need to pick the children up at 11:00 at the library. So for Wed. March 6th class time will be from 9:00-11:00. You will bring your child to the library and pick up your child at the library. Please write me if you have questions. We could use 1 or 2 parent volunteers.

Wednesday, March 6th the afternoon class will meet at the library at 12:00. We will have a special story time and then walk to the Egg and I for lunch. We will return to the library and you may pick up your child at 2:45. 

The Egg&I will serve green scrambled eggs, ham, potatoes and toast. They do this for free for us!

This week the Friday classes will be eating George Washington’s breakfast, hoecakes (pancakes made with corn meal) with syrup. 

Monday, March 4th there is no school at the public schools. We will have school.

Friday, March 15 - The PreK class will perform at the PCCR church Melodrama. 7:00

Friday, March 22 – PreK will visit Prospect Place Nursing Home, 1:15.

March 25- April 1 - Spring Break

Thanks for being involved in your child’s school!

Nancy – 577-9864

January 2019 Newsletter

January 16, 2019

No School Jan. 21. MLK Jr. Birthday.

Dear Parents,

We had a great first week back to school. It was wonderful to see everyone again. We are working on lots of goals for every class. We are very excited to have 8 new families join our school this semester! Seven are in our 2 ½-3-year-old class on TTh. We are thrilled to have James Thomas return to our MWF morning class. Now we have 2 boys in that class. 

Our goals for the TTh class are the following:

1. Play beside each other and share the toys. 

2. At clean-up time put toys away in their special spot without teacher guidance. At the moment it takes lots of guidance.

3. Participate when we are doing our finger plays and try to make their hands do the motions.

Some of our songs are Itsy Bitsy Spider, Two little blackbirds, 3 little monkeys, Wheels on the bus, Twinkle Little Star, Going on a bear hunt.

4. At snack use thank you and please, stay in the chair while eating, throw trash away.

This class is quickly learning our schedule, listening to our story, some are using our bathroom and all are great at exploring all our different toys and books in our room. It is a wonderful little class and it is a joy to see them arrive at school.

Our goals for the MWF morning class and our PreK class are the same concepts for the Solar System.

1. Name planets in order from the sun and that they are in an orbit revolving around the sun.

2. Know what gravity is. 

3. Know how we get day and night by the earth’s rotation.

4. Know the sun is a star.

We are also studying our moon. We are trying to make craters in a tub of flour. We are learning about the phases of the moon. I hope everyone will watch for the full blood super moon this weekend. The lunar eclipse will start at 8:30 pm Jan. 20, Sunday night. If you google super moon and blood moon you will know why it is called that. 

We have also been talking about Mars and the probe, Insight that has landed on Mars. We will be watching a model of the landing on Mars. You can also find this if you google Insight and NASA.

MWF morning class other goals are the following:

1. Putting numbers 1-20 in order and counting to 20.

2. We will start learning the letters of the alphabet and put the letters in order.

3. We need to start getting everyone writing their name. We spell all the letters looking at their name at snack.

This class has improved in their sharing of all the toys! They all play with each other and our class is becoming a little family. We sing the days of the week, months of the year and someone is the meteorologist and tells what the weather is doing. They love story time. We just read The Magic School Bus in the Solar System.

The PreK afternoon class goals are the following:

1. Write their numbers to 100. (We will start next week)

2. Know the names and sounds of the alphabet.

3. Write the letters of the alphabet.

4. Count to 100 without help. In 25 days we will celebrate our 100th day of school.

5. Know who Martin Luther King is.

6. Memorize “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” By Robert Frost.

7. Know their address and when their birthday is.

This class is a family. They are great singers and someone always seems to be singing! They love a challenge. 

We love teaching your children. Thank you for giving us the opportunity. Tisha and Marlys are wonderful teachers helping to keep our classroom safe and making our classroom a loving, caring environment.

Nancy – 970-577-986

December 2018 Newsletter

Dec. 2, 2018

Dear Parents,

It was so good to see everyone back at school this week!  Everyone looked so tall; I think everyone grew over Thanksgiving.  We are practicing good manners at our snack table.  We are saying “May I", "please", and "thank you" and chewing with our mouths closed.  Thanks for the great snacks!  All classes are working on numbers, shapes and memorizing our Christmas songs.  I will be sending out our Christmas Program with all the speaking parts for the MWF morning class and the PreK class.  The TTH class is invited to come up on stage at the end of our program and sing our last 3 songs.  The following is a list of events we have planned for December.  Please notice the class the event is for.  Please email me if you have questions.

  • Dec. 7 – PreK class is Caroling at the Community center for the Seniors.  We need to arrive at 12:15 for a class picture with Santa and will sing at 12:30.  We  will return to school afterwards.
  • Dec. 14 – The PreK class will carol at Prospect Living Center at 1:30 and return to school.  Parents are welcome.
  • Dec. 18 – MWF and PreK class will meet at PCCR Church at 9:00-11:15 for dress rehearsal for our Christmas Program.  No school at LLEV that day.
  • Dec. 18 – Christmas Program at 7:00 PM at PCCR Church for all families and friends.  MWF class and PreK class will perform.  TTh class will be invited to sing our last 3 songs with everyone.  Cake will be served in Fellowship hall with a visit from Santa.
  • Dec. 19 – PreK will carol at Good Sam’s at 12:00.  We will return to school.
  • Dec. 20 – 12:00 showing of Polar Express at the Reel Mountain Theater.  It is free! It is LLEV’s treat.  It is my favorite movie so come and enjoy it with me.
  • Dec. 21 – No School – Merry Christmas
  • Jan.8 – Return to school!

Thank you for all your help in making these events possible!!


October 2018 Newsletter

Oct. 1, 2018

Dear Parents,

Happy October! Thank you for coming to our wiener roast! We are very lucky to use MacGregor Ranch picnic area and to have the safety of the Glen Haven Wilderness Fire truck. Thank you John and Ryan! 

Our parent involvement helps us do many things such as our visit to Prospect Park Living Center with the PreK class. Thank you also for all the great snacks for our classes! All the Leaf Books have been outstanding! Thanks for doing this with your children. It is not too late to turn in the books!

We have special events in October so please put them on your calendar:

  • Friday, October 5 and Monday, October 8 – No School We are following the public school calendar.
  • Wednesday, October 24 – The Denver Zoo will be visiting with a special program at 10:30am for the morning class and again at 12:00pm for the afternoon class. Parents are invited for both programs.
  • Friday, October 26 – PreK visits our new friends at Prospect Park Living Center at 1:30pm.
  • Saturday, October 27 – LLEV Fall Festival at Trout Haven! 12:00pm-2:00pm We will have games, jumpy castle, food and a silent auction. This is for the community so plan to bring family and friends! There is an entrance fee. We will need lots of help so watch for sign-up sheets at the front table. Wear your costumes! More info to come. 
  • Tuesday, Oct. 30 – TTH Halloween Party Wear your costumes!
  • Wednesday, Oct. 31 – Halloween Party for AM and PM classes. Wear your costumes!

Please call or ask for a conference if you have any questions. We love teaching your children! 

Nancy, Tisha and Marlys

Phone: 970-577-9864