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2017-2018 Lifelong Learning Preschool Calendar

  • August 28 - First Day of School
  • September 4 - Labor Day
  • September (to be determined) - All-Family Weiner Roast at MacGregor Ranch
  • October 9 - No School
  • November 20 to 24 - Thanksgiving Break - No School
  • December 12 - Christmas Program at Community Church
  • December 18 to January 1 - Christmas Break - No School
  • January 15 - Martin Luther King Jr. Day - No School
  • February 19 - President's Day - No School
  • March 26 to April 2 - Spring Break - No School
  • May 25 - Last Day of School


April 28, 2017 Newsletter

Dear Parents, 

  • We are learning about our body organs and how to keep our bodies healthy.  Dr. Florence and Dr. Zehr enriched our curriculum. They made the bones fun and their skeletons made it very real! We are now learning about the food groups and good nutrition. There is a fun website called The Two-Bite Food Club and Nutrition Service made by the government. It is a story to get children to take at least 2 bites of foods they think they don’t like. This will also start a conversation at dinner time about the foods that help your body grow. We use snack time to identify the food groups we are eating.
  • We are promoting exercise by running laps at school. We are getting in shape for our Children’s Fitness Jamboree and the Fit Family Fun Run on May 20. We will be registering children next week. Children in fourth grade and up can run with parents in the 5Kplus. (Around the Lake). This is also a fundraiser so ask your friends to run too! The event is held in Stanley Park. We will be asking dads to help with the Children’s Jamboree.
  • Thank you for selling and buying duck race tickets! I have turned in $1600. I will turn in all tickets next Thursday. Relatives can buy on line.
  • Thank you for signing up to help with the Crossroads/LLEV garage sale. Sorting starts next week. We will remind you if you signed up. The sale is the 12th and 13th  of May. We also need baked goods to sell at the bake sale. Sign-up will be out next week.
  • We will have a Mother’s Day Program at 1:00 on Wednesday, May 17th at Community Church of the Rockies. All children will be performing. We hope you can make arrangements to come.
  • Our last day of school is May 26.  Next week the butterfly pavilion will bring their education program to our school. The morning class will have a presentation about butterflies and the pm class will have a class about bugs. We hope our butterflies will hatch by then.  We love teaching your children! We are accepting applications for 3&4 year olds now.  

Sincerely, Nancy, Tisha and Marlys