Calendar / Newsletters / Special Notices

2018 - 2019 Preschool Start Date

The 2018 - 2019 Preschool Year will start on:   

  • TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 4 for TTh and  MTWThF Classes
  • WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 5, 2018 for MWF  Classes

2018-2019 Lifelong Learning Preschool Calendar

  • Tuesday Sept. 4 & Wednesday Sept. 5 - First Day of School
  • September 3 - Labor Day
  • Thursday Sept. 6 - OPEN HOUSE (6:30 pm - 8:00 pm)
  • September (to be determined) - All-Family Weiner Roast at MacGregor Ranch
  • Fri. Oct. 5 thru Monday Oct. 8 - Fall Break - No School
  • November 19 - 23 - Thanksgiving Break - No School
  • December ??? - Christmas Program at Community Church
  • Friday  Dec. 21 to Monday Jan. 7- Christmas Break - No School
  • Tuesday Jan. 8- Students Return to School
  • Monday Jan. 21 - Martin Luther King Jr. Day - No School
  • Monday Feb. 18 - President's Day - No School
  • Monday Mar. 25 - Monday Apr. 1 - Spring Break - No School
  • Thursday May 23 - Last Day of School

April 2018 Newsletter

April 16, 2018

Dear Parents,

We are planting our seeds this week and noticing the foods we eat have seeds in them!  While making dinner let your child see any seeds you notice or throw away.  Today Tisha had the class look at cucumber seeds, bell pepper seeds, apple seeds, sunflower seeds, tomato seeds and strawberry seeds.  We will also see what fruits and vegetables grow on—plants, trees, bushes, etc.

The MWF class is matching numerals to quantities and learning the alphabet letters. The TTh class is learning Nursery Rhymes. The PreK class is doing addition sums to 10 and printing their alphabet as well as writing sentences. 

We hope some of our preschool parents can sign up to help set up the garage sale. The sheets are on the easel. You may leave your child at preschool when you volunteer, even if it is not your class. Thanks for your help. We are also looking for the bake sale items to be sold at the sale. 

Our Fit Family 5K+ Fun Run is near and dear to our hearts! We push for everyone to get out and do extra fitness activities with the family. We are going to start doing more rigorous activities at school to prepare for the Children’s Jamboree while parents walk/run the lake trail at our event! It is Sat. May 19 at 9:00-11:00 at Stanley Park.  Our turn out for this event has been good for the Children’s Jamboree; however, we have had less participation for the adult walk/run.  We are setting a goal to get 50 adult runners or more and 50 children in the Jamboree track and field games.  This 5K+ Fun run is open to the public. We will advertise in the paper and we will have a banner up across from McDonald's. 

If we make our goal-----I will let the children turn me into an ice cream sundae right after the event!! Only the children who participated can put ice cream on me with chocolate syrup and whip cream and sprinkles!!

This means more of our school needs to participate and you need to bring friends and family to participate!!

We will start registering here at school this week.  It is $10 for children and $25 for adults.  There is a raffle for participating adults with some great prizes.  There are goodie bags for the children.  If it snows we will have a snow date which is to be determined!  Good Luck!


Nancy K. Johnson  970-577-9864

March 2018 Newsletter

March 11, 2018

Dear Parents,

We had a wonderful time at The Egg and I eating green eggs and ham! The TTh morning class helped cook their own and we ate them at school. Most children were very brave and tried them. Thanks for shuffling your schedule to make it possible! The morning classes are reading 10 Dr. Seuss books. We have a little prize for those who turn in their papers.  PreK has a different activity finding words that rhyme! Parents could also point out sentences that are alliterations! I am attaching that homework just in case your child did not get it home on Friday!

All classes will be looking for patterns this next week and making patterns. We will have a dress whacky day on Wednesday. Tomorrow we will read Dr. Seuss’s Whacky Wednesday book. On Friday we will make Oobleck with the PreK. This week PreK will read Bartholomew and the Oobleck. It fits with our liquids and solids exploration.  It is both!

We are starting to watch for signs of spring!  Birds are usually the biggest sign as they migrate back.  We are wondering who will spot the first robin or blue bird or butterfly!  Our weather usually does not cooperate!

All classes are practicing number recognition, letter recognition and either writing their name or writing the alphabet. The PreK class is doing some addition and writing sentences about their pictures.  The PreK class gave outstanding presentations on their biographies. Thank you for all the parental help!  We have been learning from each other about famous people.  Hopefully they will remember something about all the people.  I was amazed to see the eagerness to present their book and the enthusiasm for showing their favorite pictures to tell more about their person.  I hope you learned something new at home too!

In two weeks we have our spring break.   No school March 26- April 3.


We are having fun with Dr. Seuss! He had a wonderful imagination! I hope he sparked some imagination in our students. Turn off those movies and computer games and let some creative play use our children’s imaginations! We love teaching your children!

Nancy K. Johnson – 577- 9864

January 2018 Newsletter

Jan. 8, 2018

Dear Parents,

It was wonderful to see everyone back at school. We still have some sickness but hopefully everyone will get well.


The two older classes are learning about dinosaurs. There will be a little home learning activity coming home this week. We are learning a new vocabulary and identifying the dinosaurs by name. Paleontologist, predator, prey, prehistoric, carnivore, herbivore, extinct and fossil are some of our words.


The preK class will be making fossils this Monday. is a website we looked at here at school. It is the news that dinosaur bones were found at a construction site in Thornton and taken to the Museum of Science and Nature. It is very interesting. The museum has a special dinosaur exhibit until Jan. 15.


All classes are putting numbers in order and the letters of the alphabet in order.  Friday we will talk about Martin Luther King Jr. We have no school on Monday as it is a National holiday.  We are wishing for snow and learning some songs about snow and painting and gluing snowmen! Let it snow!

We have some new families in our school this week. I hope you take a minute and welcome them! We love teaching your children.


Nancy K. Johnson – 577-9864

December 2017 Newsletter

Dec. 6, 2017 

Dear Parents,

Thank you for teaching your children their speaking parts and all our Christmas songs. We see improvement every day!!  Many events are scheduled for next week. Some were finally confirmed today. The following is a list of your children’s activities for our preschool.  Please write or call if anything is confusing!

Tuesday, Dec. 12:  8:30 – 11:15 dress rehearsal at Community Church of the Rockies 1700 Brodie Ave... MWF morning class and PreK afternoon class. No PreK class in the afternoon. Tuesday, Thursday Morning class will meet at 8:30 for about 15 minutes and then they can go home.

Tuesday, Dec. 12:  Christmas Program starts at 7:00.  6:30 arrival for children at Community Church of the Rockies 1700 Brodie Ave

Wednesday, Dec. 13:  MWF morning class will start at 9:30- 11:15. This allows the staff to clean-up the church from the night before.

Wednesday, Dec. 13:  The PreK class will meet at Good Samaritan at 12:15 to sing our Christmas songs for the lunch group. Parents may wait and return the children to school and we will have class until 2:45. Should take about 20 minutes. We need parents to help with making gingerbread houses out of graham crackers that afternoon. If you can stay please let us know.

Thursday, Dec. 14:  Morning class is as usual.

Thursday, Dec. 14:  LLEV invites all families to the movie theater at 12:30 to watch “The Polar Express Movie.” This is a free event. You do have to buy your own popcorn and candy however. This is one of my favorite Christmas Movies. Brothers and sisters, extended family are all invited. It will last about 2 hours.  No PreK class that afternoon.

Friday, Dec. 15:  MWF Morning Children and PreK Afternoon children are asked to come to Prospect Place Living Center at the Medical Center to sing our Christmas songs. We should meet at 9:30. This may take 30-45 minutes.  NO school that day, Christmas Vacation begins!   

Nancy K. Johnson - 970-577-9864